Periscope Up: ISTE Reflections from July 2, 2015

Arriving after midnight did not stop us… we still Periscoped our thoughts on #ISTE2015 as we sipped our coffee.

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Watch and… don’t laugh too hard. We were exhausted but exhilarated. (And, yes, we found out that it wasn’t backwards. And that we couldn’t see hearts or comments. Oh well- we’ll do better next time.)

In order, here are our highlights (sorry for the long list):

  • It looks backwards, but it isn’t: When filming, we used the front-facing camera, so we saw everything mirrored. It wasn’t. Now we know.
  • We couldn’t see comments or hearts: Still working on this. Stay tuned.
  • Make sure to save to your camera roll because the link expires after 24 hours. 
  • It’s helpful to have a stand like the iPevo AT-ST video stand when taking long videos. I can’t imagine taking this as if it were one long selfie.

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