Sh**’s pivoted… a lesson in flexible thinking

I am a fan of the show “Silicon Valley” for too many reasons to list here. One of the terms that’s bandied about enough to warrant a spot on a “Silicon Valley” bingo card is “pivot”. Before I heard it used this way, I always thought of pivoting as a dance move.

Last year, I started this blog just after returning from ISTE2015, inspired by Kasey Bell‘s Ignite session. And then life happened, and I didn’t get back to it. But I’m still here, wanting to share my “travels” with you in the world of EdTech.

So there I was, all ready to go to ISTE2016 when the bad news came: my mother-in-law had passed suddenly. Leaving my family was no longer an option- I would miss what was to be my 5th ISTE.

I pivoted. 

I could still get the learning and inspiration, but in a different way
Thanks to my friend Craig Yen, I found the #notatISTE community on Google+ where there are like-minded folks ready to take on ISTE from our couches/beach chairs/desks. There are even fun challenges and door prizes… WHAT? SWAG?!?

My short list of things that I’m missing that I’ve pivoted my thinking on so I can “attend”:

1. ISTEunplugged
I’ve set up my TweetDeck for today so I can follow ISTEunplugged via the #hacked16 and #hackeducation hashtags.

(a shot of my screen)
2. My friend and uber-blogger, Alice Keeler‘s #coffeeedu sessions at ISTE
Hoping to participate via Google Hangouts Live… stay tuned for more on how we are working that out!
This is the third annual #ISTEball, an event I started at ISTE-Atlanta. A bunch of baseball fans and ISTE goers attend a game together. I’ll be getting live updates this year via Twitter, thanks to the #ISTEball hashtag.
4. Ignite sessions
I’ll be following @CateTolnai on Periscope so that I can catch the Ignite sessions:
  • Round 1, Sunday, 6/26, 1:30pm (Mountain Time)
  • Round 2, Tuesday, 6/28, 4pm (Mountain Time)

I am excited to participate in #notatISTE this year- it’s something new, and different, and I can do it in my pajamas. Huge shout out to Jennifer Wagner who is doing an amazing job of heading up the group!

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