Hiding Bedhead 2: The right tool for the job…

Just finished the 2nd ever #notatcoffeeEDU broadcast, this time powered by Periscope thanks to +Craig Yen, and it was SO MUCH BETTER. +Peggy George mentioned that Periscope takes less bandwidth than GHO, and that’s why it worked so well. I think all of us participating from home really appreciated being able to comment and send hearts.

And YAY for being able to Periscope in landscape now!

If you’re on Twitter, but not on Periscope, get on there STAT. Check out “The Beginner’s Guide to Using Periscope in Education”. Many of us who are #notattiste are keeping track via Periscope- consider Periscoping your next conference or EdCamp or anything edtech experience. We homebodies appreciate it.

This really was a lesson in the right tool for the job.

I work with teachers and principals in a large, urban school district and like many of you, I’m sure, I’m a total tool hog. I love the latest and greatest and probably have a gajillion random free accounts floating all over the InterWebs. But for every one of us, there are three others feeling overwhelmed by it all, wondering why their toolbox needs to be as ginormous as ours. 
Because I love edtech tools, A LOT, I enjoy trying them out and finding where they fit in my toolbox. I may try something and not find a use for it until way later, and as an edtechnologist, I am always working with teachers who have varied needs. I am by no means an expert on all of these different tools- I often make suggestions with that caveat. But what good am I if I’m an expert on a few but have no clue on the others? This is the beauty of curation. I can share one targeted tool at a time to those who feel overwhelmed…

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